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The Headline, so the Headline of a Blog article, is a very important factor for success. Unfortunately, many bloggers put Headings are of little value on the proper design of the article.

Thus, you miss a lot of Potential and it is a pity if a good article is not read due to an unattractive Headline as often as it would be possible.

In this article I will give tips on how to can their own article-Headline improve, so that both human readers and Google respond positively to the Headline.

The importance of the Heading

The importance of the article Headings did not recognize many of the bloggers and make a big mistake here. Both in his own Blog, as well as outside of it, are the Headings with the first thing that the potential readers eye.

So you see it in a Feedreader, for example, only the Headline and when you click on this, it appears another Text. Since only the Headline should, of course, already enough attention.

In addition, the Headline is used in many Blogs automatically as a Title, so that here also the aspects of search engine optimization play a big role. And also other bloggers often link with the article Headline as the link text.

One should not forget the modern Traffic generation, Facebook, Twitter and co. Here appears to be often the Headline and therefore, they should exert pressure on the users of these Social Networks with a click-through incentive.

It is so clear that one should deal with the own article Headline intensive.

Tips for better Headline

The following 10 tips you should heed, if you designed an article Headline.

  1. UseA good Headline promises the potential reader a Benefit. If it hits the nerve of the reader, he will want to read the article. The title promises to be of no Use in any Form, then the readers will usually remain.
  2. ContentA Headline should be able to convey in a few words the content of an article. If it can be seen from the Headline what the article is about, you are more open-minded and not “fills lured”.
  3. BeA good Headline should be accurate and precise. Examples: It is not some Auto-repair, but to a certain Model. There are no tips for AdSense in General, but how can you increase the click-through-rate Blog article.

    The more specific a Headline is, the more often it is clicked and the better this is for placement in search engines.

  4. Simple and ShortHeadlines should not be too long. For search engines, although this is not critical, but usually the title is used also in many others, and because too long a Headline, then hurt it. In addition, short Headings seem to be more active and more attractive.
  5. KeywordsYou should bring 1-2 important Keywords from the article in the Headline below. For this article, such as the “tips” and “Headline is”. On the one hand, a clarity to potential readers, on the other hand it is good for search engine optimization.
  6. NumbersNumbers work well in Headlines very well, as you can in this article. Percentage figures are well suitable and ensure that the potential reader expects specific content. So, not only any tips but, for example, exactly 10.
  7. AttentionA Headline should attract attention. This can be a question, a bold promise, a controversial formulation, or the like.

    Also important are strong words in this context.

  8. Strong WordsStrong words like “secret”, “easy”, “success”, “guarantee”, “free”, “record”, etc. to ensure that the readers in mind, curiosity is aroused. “You can double guarantees your visitor numbers”, the effect is simply more attractive than “More visitors”.
  9. Active FormulationA Headline should be active, formulated. “So you can find your dream woman” acts of active and more promising than “How to find the girl of his dreams”.
  10. Headline as the last letter?This is a thing, at the parting of the ways. Some people write the Headline at the beginning and build on it, then the article. Others write the Headline last, the article optimally in a Headline to “press”. Here everyone must find his own way.

Of course these tips are not set in stone. It is much more important that you is about the importance of the Headline-aware and sufficient time for the formulation of the Heading of takes.

My recommendations for the self-employed

20 Headings Templates

Even if you should do it yourself thoughts to his Headers, and it should not run according to scheme F, there are a variety of Best Practice examples for the construction of a Heading.

In the following, I want to list some of them to give you food for thought for your own creativity. I myself do every now and again on the presented formulations, but not for each article.

I am of the opinion that these formulations lose their appeal, and exaggerated acting. As with everything in life, one should also pay attention here to the correct dimension.

20 templates for an attention-grabbing Headline:

  • The secret of …
  • So you can reach …
  • 10 reasons for …
  • In 5 steps to …
  • A simple way to …
  • Do you want to know how …?
  • What you … can learn about …
  • 7 tips to …
  • The first one was …
  • Just to … to …
  • Free …
  • Why … are more important than …
  • The safest method to …
  • The truth about …
  • How do I/you …
  • 5 things you should … avoid
  • You’re …?
  • 10 creative ways to …
  • Why … so successful it is and how you … also can do
  • 7 …, would you … never betray

Of course there are many examples more. What is important is that you tried a lot and constantly new Headlines to write. In addition, your attention to other Websites, Blogs, you should read magazines, etc., to get Inspiration for attractive Headings.


Not for nothing that professional copywriters deal for a very long time with titles. They form the beginning of a Text and thus has a key function. If the Headline doesn’t work, then the Text can still be so good. It is much less reader will see the Text.

Therefore, bloggers should take the time and think about Headlines make. This doesn’t have to take the same hours, but who created an attractive Headline, benefitted greatly from it.

However, you should not bend to you or Headlines to create that you do not feel comfortable with. Here, too, is not to overdo it, but it should fit the Blog to your own style.

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