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A Blog takes time, at least if you want to make him successful. After all, who isn’t blogging regularly, it is difficult to gain loyal readers. And in Google a lot of good Blog help articles to get enough Traffic through the Long Tail.

However, many bloggers don’t have so much time. Professional and private commitments often leave little free time and want to enjoy a lot of bloggers with other jobs.

Thus, I give you 15 tips on how you can be a Blogger with a little time, nevertheless successful.

First you have to say that Blogs become successful. When you Start a blog you invest first, much more than you get out of it. Blogs are the typical example of how you can earn with the range of money.

If one has established his Blog in a niche and engaging visitor has to pay (depending on the industry and focus even in the case of lower values, very good), then it pays off.

My Board game Blog exists now since almost 3 years (at the end of January 2017 to start), and in the first few months I has relatively few readers. In the meantime, I’ve got more than 100,000 page views in a month, because I’ve taken the time to regularly write articles for the Blog.

However, it is not the topic of making money, but about how you get this range first, even if you have so much time. How to use its limited time most effectively, you will learn in the following section.

  • You really have so little time?Some bloggers think, in my opinion, just that you have too little time. You could blades loose the one or other hour of the week free, if they wanted. Often it is the inner pig dog that must be overcome.

    So, consider as a first time exactly how much time do you spend on useless things. Possibly. you can very quickly find the one or other hours per week for the blogging book.

  • Step-by-stepVery important, not only for blogging, is to set yourself small tasks and goals. This makes the implementation easier, since the inner pig dog is so great. It is however, very large tasks, then you will not dare as often.

    So step for step and article by article think.

  • From the beginning, realistic planThe Motivation at the Start of a blog is usually very high. And so go for some bloggers, such as the fire brigade. However, the first high level of Motivation after the start-up phase often. You still have fun blogging, but the day returns just.

    Therefore one should in the beginning and in a realistic pace of blogging. Then you have it easier later on, these Blog rhythm to maintain.

  • Blog rituals introduceIt falls to us to do simple things, if we do this on a regular basis. Someone who wants to lose weight, keep it better, if he knows that every Monday evening is sports. If he would not set the day for the Sport, then he would get yourself a lot less to the Sport.

    And so similarly, this is also when blogging. A Plant, for example, 2 evenings in the week, where for an hour on the new blog writes. Thinking of you, but before that, well, that in the next few months, as it is not constantly something comes in between. For example, the Start of a new series, you want to look strictly at the day of the week.

  • Ideas readyTo sit in front of a blank sheet of paper or a blank blog post, is very difficult. Therefore, it is important that you regularly collecting Blog ideas and when you Write a new article, the article idea and a few notes with Links available to you.

    On the topic of the article ideas I have already published a detailed article.

  • Resume-write articlesWith each article, you have to re-invent the wheel. Continuation of article, or article series are often easier and faster, since you is familiar with the subject.

    So you could imagine a weekly basis, e.g. a WordPress Plugin, or even the Links of the week post, how do I do it on his own and in the network ‘for a long time. But also a series of articles, which have only a limited number of articles, are a good possibility. Here in the Blog I published of it a lot.

  • Article splitI love long articles, but sometimes it is clever, if you divide a very long article. However, you should make sure that every part is interesting and it looks as if you want to buy some page views.

    For example, instead of presenting 30 very good WordPress Plugins in one article, you could create after and after 3 items, each with 10 Plugins.

  • Several articles in the piece of writingIt will take me, and sure many others, always a little, until I’m in the flow of writing in it. Therefore, I often write not only an article but is equal to 2 or 3 in a row. This saves overall time.

    This helps to treat yourself to free days as a Blogger, even if you switch every day this article free.

  • Clear Article StructureIf you acquire a particular article structure, creating songs, it is usually faster item Elevator and to write.

    So you could split an article roughly in 3 parts:

    • 1. Introduction and description of the Problem
    • 2. Problem and explain solutions to describe
    • 3. Summary

    So you have a clear Plan on how to write the article. In individual cases can differ, but then, of course, this structure, if it seems to make sense.

  • Avoid distractionsWithout distraction, it is simply more effective. TV off, close Twitter and also the Facebook page.

    So it writes much better, without being distracted every 5 minutes by a flashing message.

  • The Pareto PrincipleYou don’t have to be perfect. The Pareto principle States that 80% of the results often 20% of the work. So focus on the important things. The things that bring success.

    Prefer per week 5 write articles that hit the nerve of the reader and very well received, as the 10 articles, where the majority don’t really often read or what has already been discussed a thousand times in other Blogs.

  • The Important thing to disconnect from the UnimportantThis point has a lot to do with the previous. Look at what is really important for the success of your Blogs and makes the.

    Time-consuming and distracting to Work, the Blogs also necessary should you have to collect and do. So you could pick up all the technical Work for Friday afternoon.

  • It is not always the Pillar must be an articleNot trying to be perfect, and with each article, 100 points. In addition to the great Pillar articles, which are often linked to, and also in Social Networks, well, you should give the Blog some meat in the Form of short News articles or the like.

    These articles are often written quickly and are in my experience often also good.

  • Fun at blogging haveWho has fun blogging and it’s not as a chore and sees who takes the time to Write Blog articles. Trying to have fun with it and you will have little problems with the lack of time.

    I blog for example, most better than me to do this to underground TV program.

  • Vision = MotivationWithout a Vision, so long-term goals, it is difficult to maintain over a long period of time, the Motivation. The Vision can be anything. Me, for example, the success stories of other bloggers motivate very and it has the own Vision.

    Just his daily Blog Routine without a goal to deliver, can cost for one or the other the Motivation.

I’m as self-employed in the fortunate position that I can manage my time for blogging is quite good. But I can understand that after a long and hard day’s work hard again to get up and write one or more Blog articles.

Therefore, I would be interested in your opinion and your experiences. Whoever manages to maintain the own Blog and what tips can you give?

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