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What is Cryptotab and how does it work? – On this page I share my experiences with the crypto-currency mining tool and tell you how you can earn money for free. You will get a detailed test and a detailed instruction for the use from me.



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utilization completely free
Payout from: 0.00041 BTC
Earn more with it: recruit more users
Works with: Chrome, Firefox
Rating:  (5 / 5)


  1. Click on the “Install now” button below and add the extension to your web browser.
  2. The software starts directly with the crypto currencies Mining (speed is adjustable)
  3. Recruit more participants to earn money from them (no disadvantage for recruited persons)
  4. Have the winnings transferred to your wallet
  5. Exchange Bitcoin for official currencies or keep them

What is Cryptotab and how does it work?

Cryptotab is an extension for your web browser. Anyone can use this extension for free. For the payment you only need a registration of an email address.

The tool creates the crypto currency Monero (by mining) in the background through your web browser on your computer. Cryptotab converts this crypto currency directly into Bitcoin so that it can be paid out to traditional wallets.

Cryptotab runs completely unobtrusively in the background, but uses your computer’s CPU. The stronger the mining is set, the more the CPU is used. Cryptotab produces on your computer the crypto currency Monero (Mining) and exchanges it directly into the Bitcoin

Cryptotab starts automatically and can be turned off with one click

When you open your Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox), Cryptotab starts automatically. A new tab with the settings and your balance will open directly. You will also see a direct conversion to the official currency USD.

  • Advantage: If the Bitcoin rises in price, your profit in USD also rises.

Adjust the power of the minings yourself

Cryptotab will consume capacities of your CPU. Use the slider (bottom left) to adjust the strength of the mining. Your CPU is directly affected. Turn mining off or on maximum manpower. The more mining is stopped, the more money you will earn.


Recommend Cryptotab to your friends and earn 15% of their income. The recruited partners do not have any restrictions. With a large network you can earn a lot of money because if your friends recruit more partners, you earn at the same time.

  • The more people you refer, the more Bitcoins (money) you will earn.
  • The partner system is divided into several levels. (Example: You recruit 5 friends and this one also recruits 5 more)

My Cryptotab experiences and test results

Cryptotab makes money for you completely automatically in the background on the computer. Why shouldn’t one use such an opportunity? I can’t think of an answer to that.

In my opinion it is recommendable to run Cryptotab in the background at half power when working on the computer, otherwise the CPU load can become too heavy.

The Cryptotab payout – How does it work?

You can transfer the income from 0.0004 BTC to your Bitcoin Wallet. To do this, you must log in via a social network account.

CryptoTab Affiliate

Cryptotab actually pays off! All payments are displayed in a journal. You can also check these yourself.

Cryptotab serious or not? – The risks

In my opinion, there are no risks. The tool is completely free and gives you the opportunity to earn money. The developers earn with each user.

My final conclusion on Cryptotab – No fraud!

Cryptotab for me is a very good software to earn money for free with crypto currencies. It runs completely automatically and there are no risks. Through the partner system, there is the possibility to earn even more money by recruiting enough partners to recruit other people.

The software is without question recommendable. Here are all facts summarized:

 Earn money free of charge and passively with the Web browser

Free software that creates cryptocurrencies

 Recruit active partners and earn extra money

 Software causes CPU load (Adjustable)

 Generate money without effort in the background


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